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Odisha HSC EXAMINATION (English) 2024

1. Sixty years _______ a long distance.

2. The combination of the following pair of sentences is _______________

(i) I have read the book. (ii) You gave it to me.

3. If you work hard, you ________ get an A grade.

4. The police are __________ the matter.

5. The indirect speech of – He said, “I am going home now” is ________.

6. The passive form of “– “Bakul broke the chair”. is ___________.

7. He went to Puri ______ a car.

8. The film was very sad. It made me ___________.

9. He joined the English Essay competition and won the first prize. It is a __________ sentence.

10. The students got up when the teacher _______ the class.

11. Which sentence among the following is acceptable?

12. The full form of “won’t” is _________.

13. People get deceased in a ________ atmosphere.

14. My father bought a house _________ we shall stay.

15. My father is ___________.

16. To weaken someone’s strength slowly means _________.

17. He has a touch of madness in his creative ___________.

18. Indian Cricketers used to be called “dull dogs” in the early fifties of 19th century. Here “dull dongs” means ____________.

19. The opposite word of “responsible” is ________.

20. “Peso” is the currency of __________.

21. “My field was God’s earth, whereever I ploughed, there was my field. Land was free. It was a thing no man called his own. Labour was the only thing men called their own.”The grandfather said the above statement to the _________.

22. Who was old and bent, ashy pale and toothless in the story, A Grain As Big As A Hen’s Egg.

23. Who came to the royal court with the help of one crutch?

24. Brother! After you had given your decision, I became your mortal enemy. But today I feel sure that God Himself speaks through the Panch.” Who is addressed as “Brother” in the above statement?

25. Who was the Chief Judge in the Pancha to decide the case of the old aunt?

26. There is no pleasure for you in this world and there will be none to come. You drunkard! You will burn in hell. Oh! You unlucky man!” Who told the above statement?

27. What is the name of the beggar?

28. What is the name of the beggar?

29. Timothy was taken to the nearest zoo at _________.

30. Who named the tiger cub as Timothy?

31. Who is the writer of the story The Beggar?

32. Who weeps in the bridal of the earth and the sky?

33. The poet compares the journey of the brook with _____________.

34. “For men may come and men may go, But I go on for ever.” Here I refers to _______________.

35. In the poem, Virtue the sweet rose is described as ____________.

36. The poem Village Song is wirtten by ____________.

37. In We Are Seven, the supper that the girl ate after sunset is ____________.

38. In We Are Seven, the supper that the girl ate after sunset is ____________.

39. How many brothers and sisters of the girl were actually alive as described in the poem, We Are Seven.

40. The flower and birds in All things Bright and Beautiful are described as ___________ things.

41. God has given us lips to ____________.

42. That brightens up the sky” in All Things Bright And Beautiful. Here “That” refers to ________.

43. That brightens up the sky” in All Things Bright And Beautiful. Here “That” refers to ________.

44. In our leisure hours, the author In School’s Goodbye advises us to avoid __________

45. Success in life depends on __________.

46. A man cannot live _________.

47. Air gets polluted when ___________ in the air mixture.

48. Kapil made 175 runs not-out against the team __________.

49. Kapil Dev proved himself as ___________.

50. The Father of our Nation is ____________.

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